REF2021 Results: High-Quality Journal Submissions

In the wake of the Research Excellence Framework 2021 results, the Board is pleased to share a list of high-quality journal submissions, prepared by Professor Phillip Johnson, Cardiff University.

This spreadsheet provides the total number of outputs submitted to REF2021 by reference to the journal of publication.

It uses the spreadsheet provided by REF2021. Overall, there were 5855 outputs submitted to REF2021 in the Law Sub-Panel (18) and of these 3752 were Type D (journal article).

These 3752 outputs were searched to calculate that there were 1064 unique journal names. The total number of outputs published in each of these 1064 journals was then calculated. However, when institutions logged their outputs in the system many used different naming conventions for journals. These variants names have (so far as possible without individual search) been consolidated to a single entry. This leaves 916 journals in the ranking (of which the last 500 had a single output only).

It may also be the case that some journal articles submitted to Sub-Panel 18 were not classed as Type D and these will not have been included in the ranking; and, similarly, it may be that some outputs including in the ranking have been classed as Type D (for for Sub-Panel 18) which should have been included elsewhere.

In total, this list contains 916 journals and associated submission numbers. The list shown on our website highlights the top 25 journals reflecting the number of REF submissions. The submission number does not represent the assessed ‘value’ for REF purposes. The complete list is available to download below.

Modern Law Review132
Legal Studies118
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies101
Journal of Law and Society79
International and Comparative Law Quarterly62
Medical Law Review59
Public Law57
Social and Legal Studies57
Law Quarterly Review53
British Journal of Criminology48
Cambridge Law Journal45
Current Legal Problems44
Child and Family Law Quarterly40
Common Market Law Review39
Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law37
European Law Review35
Journal of Corporate Law Studies35
Human Rights Law Review34
Criminal Law Review33
Industrial Law Journal33
International Journal of Law in Context33
European Journal of International Law32
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly32
Journal of Criminal Law31
Journal of Environmental Law25
Top 25 Journals By Submissions

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